Filipino Belibers said Farewell to Bieber

Tonight on Facebook around 12/10/12 at 10:34pm GMT +8

I been seeing a lot of posts about this below


This kind of ticked me off, wait not me but everyone.
why tease Pacquiao of his KO? he barely can’t stand up no more. I’m a big fan of Pacman, This guy make History in the Philippines despite how many wins though i understand this is his 2nd lost but this tough guy accepts his defeat and congratulate Marquez and yea it was a fair fight they say although i haven’t seen because of the spoilers

Past weeks ago I been noticing about PSY and Justin bieber video’s on YouTube (Gangnam Style and Baby) They were competitioning because they want Baby to be the #1 video on YouTube sadly it was wrong because all Gangnam Style fans beat them by watching it everyday which leads to 8m views a day and of course i been visiting the 2 videos and belibers vs psy fans fighting on the comments and all. but it doesn’t mean all filipinos are.
Actually I don’t care about it because I know Gangnam Style will win.

But i have no idea if this is the revenge of all belibers but trust me in my high school life every chicks in the Philippines love Justin in 2010 and when years come by they heard what Justin did and it hurt a lot of Filipinos like A fan bought his CD and approached Justin to sign it but unfortunately he dropped it and walked like he never saw it. Look at the guys effort to buy his CD just for his sake (remember i’m not a beliber lol) Sometimes i couldn’t tell if Justin loves the Philippines or not maybe i’m guessing not the country but just the belibers who BELIEVED in him.

After all the sad filipino belibers experienced before with Justin and yea as i asked questions to IRL friends and said “Nope i don’t like Justin Bieber” It’s like every gift from a filipino to a Street Canadian Singer rejects it, that’s how some belibers in the Philippines have experienced

And Today this issue started by teasing the Number 1 boxer in the Philippines named Manny Pacquiao by teasing his K.O unless Justin will VS with him, the reason why Filipino Belibers quit on Justin because of the Arrogant attitude well i’m not saying every filipino hates him but dislikes how he acts towards his filipino fans. Some told me about his songs were great but not the attitude, Itself.

I’m kind of disappointed about it though, I trust Manny with all my might and just understand their pain because of the experience how Justin acted towards some of the Belibers in the Philippines and oh wait He was saying Opinion, if you’re going to make an opinion then i suggest not to make meme’s out of him and put your opinions about Manny.

So if ever the Belibers didn’t accept the loss that Gangnam Style fans beat Baby video that made all Belibers pissed off but Filipinos in the other hand accepted what Manny lost in his rounds with Marquez.

This article made by a Half Filipino American in the (sa Cebu ako) Philippines for 12 years :)


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